What makes our burgers truly fly is the quality of the ingredients we use and our dedication to perfecting each recipe. To pass the Flying Burger test, our burgers have to:

Amos_Plane-white-60Be made of the finest 100% grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef that has been aged for at least 28 days.

Amos_Plane-white-60Have patties which are handmade fresh, daily.

Amos_Plane-white-60Contain the best accompanying ingredients, the crispiest bacon, juicy tomatoes, crunchy gherkins and homemade sauces.

Amos_Plane-white-60Be topped off by very soft, lightly toasted, demi-brioche buns.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours rigorously trialling and testing the different combinations until they’ve all passed the Flying Burger test. We hope they pass yours too.



The Twin Prop £7.50
The Classic Hamburger: Simple but delicious, our classic recipe consists of two beef patties with lettuce, tomato, gherkins, dijonnaise and our special house sauce.

The Cheesy Glider £7.95
The Cheeseburger: Two beef patties, smothered in melted cheese and then stacked up with salad, gherkins, dijonnaise and our house sauce.

The Pan Ham £8.75
The Bacon Cheese Burger: Two beef patties piled high with a full consignment of extras: melted cheese, crispy streaky bacon, gherkins and a dollop of bacon mayonnaise.

The Wide Blue Yonder £8.75
The Blue Cheese Burger: Two beef patties drizzled in our deliciously rich blue cheese sauce and then loaded up with salad, dijonnaise and caramelised onion jam.

The Afterburner £8.75
The Chilli Burger: Two beef patties topped with fiery jalapeños, our sizzling chorizo and pepper jam, melted cheese, juicy tomatoes and Batavia lettuce.

The Wing Walker £7.95
The Chicken Burger: Juicy, thyme-marinated chicken breast covered in delicious garlic and parsley butter and layered with ketchup and aioli.

The V-52 £7.50
The Veggie Burger: Our homemade sweetcorn fritters have a satisfying bite, heaps of flavour and are served with tzatziki, caramelised pepper jam, Batavia lettuce, gherkins and dijonnaise.

The Lindbergher £11.95
The triple, our über burger: Three beef patties loaded up with cheese, caramelised onion jam, crispy bacon and gherkins. We then cover the whole fleet of toppings in bacon mayonnaise, dijonnaise, our house sauce and crispy onions.


Fries £2.95
We tried everything from french fries skinny to big chip chunky and landed smack bang in the middle with our crispy, skin-on, perfectly sized fries.

Wings £5.50
Large, juicy, sticky chicken wings smothered in our homemade smokey barbecue sauce.

Fritters £3.95
A deliciously moreish vegetarian side dish of sweetcorn patties, fried to a perfect crisp and served with a fresh tzatziki.

Coleslaw £2.75
Our creamy, crunchy, house coleslaw with a hint of mustard and freshly chopped parsley.

Side Salad £3.00
Watercress, spinach, lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes served with vinaigrette on the side.


Ketchup, Mayo, Garlic Mayo, BBQ Sauce £0.50
FBC House Sauce £0.75
Hot Sauces; BBQ, Cheese £1.00


Chocolate Brownie £3.50
Made with 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate and baked to perfection, it’s quite simply the gooiest, fudgiest, chocolatiest brownie around.

Jude’s Ice Cream £3.25
Salted Caramel, Very Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip (120ml).

Harry Combs Hailstones £2.75
Sweet, crunchy honeycomb drops coated in chocolate, dangerously addictive and named in tribute to US aviation pioneer Harry Combs.


Still Spring Water, Sparkling Spring Water (500ml) £1.20
Coke, Diet Coke (330ml) £1.20
San Pellegrino Lemon, San Pellegrino Blood Orange (330ml) £1.50
Peroni (330ml) £3.00
Budvar (330ml) £3.20
Brooklyn Lager (355ml) £3.80



  • “Best delivery burger by miles – & up there with the best restaurant contenders”

    Cherry Healey
  • “The burger was just delicious, the best I have had in a very long time, in fact I think it was bloody excellent. The bun perfect, the beef patties divine and the house sauce incredible. The chips were amazing as I am always a little particular about this little delicacy and leaving the skins on is an excellent idea. The service from start to finish was brilliant … Goodbye to Byron”

  • “Marvellous. Truly, not just because I was in a post run heap on the sofa. My blue cheese burger arrived warm, lovingly wrapped in paper before I ripped it away to reveal a double patty burger with bouncy unseeded white bun – not at all soggy despite its flight path to my doorstep.”

    Burgers & Bruce
  • “I personally don’t know of any other burger home delivery services of such a good quality, so I’m very pleased by the Flying Burger Company and their options! Their burgers are on par (if not better) than any of the ‘posh’ high street burger options, and you can’t beat the convenience of getting hot burgers and sides delivered straight to your door.” Read full review

    The Guide to Notting Hill
  • “Finally a decent burger delivery service [...] The Flying Burger Company is a unique take on the takeaway…if you’re wondering what to eat tonight, your dinner is only a click away. It’s so good, you’ll be feeling mile high!” Read full post

  • “Imagine fireworks, a marching band in the distance and dolphins doing back flips in celebration. London’s perfect delivery burger has been discovered … I can now say that I truly fear for the size of my ass from this day forward. The delicious burger and accompanying fries were demolished in moments … Ladies and gentleman, if we had a two thumbs-up mark to share, The Flying Burger Company would definitely get it. Delivering burgers in London has never been easy, but these guys just entered the big leagues.”

    Fashion Foie Gras
  • “The veggie burger was fat and hearty. Clearly freshly prepared,
    the unusual crunchiness of the fritters was perfectly complimented by stacks of salad and tasty sauces.”

    Nicola A. W14
  • “That was incredible. Chips were fantastic, wings were delicious, and the burger, oh the burger. I lived in New York for a bit, and your burgers are as good as a very good NYC burger. As my wife pointed out, having two thinner patties rather than a beef brick made the difference. Your sauce is also divine. We also LOVED your driver. I want his uniform, and I always appreciate being saluted … the Flying Burger Company is soaring.”

    Matt & Michal Z. W12
  • “Last night’s burger was sensational. We already established that the burger was great, but the real delight came from the salads — fresh, not skimping by leaving out more expensive bits and adding a hint of mint to the coleslaw. Made a burger feel healthy. Well done, you’ve got a winner there.”

    Jonny O. W6
  • “We were sceptical of burgers for takeaway … Thai and Indian are family faves, so we were really surprised by the flying burger delivery. Blown away be the Lindbergher. Absolutely Delicious. A great new alternative. Thumbs up from the whole family.”

    Dave S. W6
  • “best burger I have ever had.”

    Tom S. Age 13. W6


In the 1920s and ‘30s, aviators from the French Aéropostale group risked life and limb to create the world’s airmail service.

Battling the elements with unreliable planes and primitive navigation technology, they delivered their precious cargo across the globe. It’s from these airmail pioneers that we’ve taken our inspiration.

At the Flying Burger Company, we bring the same single-minded determination, commitment and passion to our own mission: making world-class burgers with deliciously fresh ingredients and flying them directly to your door.


The Flying Burger Company
First class burgers at your service.



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